Clean Up Day 2018



April 28, 2018 9 a.m. – 12 NOON sharp!

Village Crossing Mall parking lot on M-60 in Spring Arbor

Residents of Spring Arbor Township Only (except E-Waste)

** ID’s will be checked**

TRASH: We will take trash, furniture etc. Large items

need to be dismantled so it is able to fit into the back of

a garbage truck. Great time to clean up before summer!

Call 517-750-2800 with questions.

Items not accepted: Yard waste, stone, concrete, building materials,

roofing, liquids, and hazardous materials. i.e.: animal waste, paints,

solvents, oil, grease, cleaning chemicals, propane tanks, pesticides,

medical sharps, etc.

SCRAP METAL: Spring Arbor Fire Dept. will be collecting

scrap metal of all types for recycling. Old appliances, grills, lawn

chairs, car batteries, farm equipment, etc.

Support our Fire Dept. and get rid of anything metal at

this recycling event!

DOCUMENT SHREDDING: We will offer Document & Paper

Shredding. This is a free service. Get rid of old tax records, checks and

financial documents no longer needed while they are safely and

securely destroyed on site!

Tire Recycling: Free, no charge. Only car and passenger tires

accepted. NO commercial drop offs! Tires must be clean and empty of

water, mud, or other debris. Limited space, first come first served.

E-Waste: Recycling Jackson will be present to offer recycling of

electronic waste. E-waste recycling will be open to non-residents.

Please note that there will be a fee for CRT televisions, computer

monitors, projection televisions, and fluorescent bulbs. NO alkaline

batteries will be accepted.

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